About the Archive

The Writers Guild Foundation Archive was established to preserve and promote the art, craft and history of writing, and to record the vital memory of the entertainment industry’s first labor union, the Writers Guild of America. The rare and unique collections include Writers Guild of America historical materials, produced and unproduced scripts, letters, photographs, production notes, memorabilia, oral histories, and personal items of film, television and radio writers.

Some of the distinguished writers represented in the collection include:

Sunset Boulevard (1950), original 1949 draft written by Charles Brackett & Billy Wilder. From Billy Wilder’s personal collection of scripts.

  • Robert Bloch
  • Allan Burns
  • Stephen J. Cannell
  • Leonard Freeman
  • Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel
  • Jackson Gillis
  • Roy Huggins
  • Hal Kanter
  • George Kirgo
  • Mort Lachman
  • Norman Liebmann
  • Garry Marshall
  • Del Reisman
  • Dean Riesner
  • Howard Rodman (Sr.)
  • Mel Shavelson
  • Mel Tolkin
  • Matthew Weiner
  • Billy Wilder
  • Linda Woolverton

During this development stage as collections are being cataloged, unprocessed papers are available for research. Users are encouraged to contact the Writers Guild Foundation Archive to learn more about the rich cultural content of the collections.