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You’re the Joey to our Chandler, the Carrie to our Samantha, the Dorothy to our Rose. Basically, the Writers Guild Foundation doesn’t know what we’d do without you and your support.

Solidify this special bond by joining WGFriends, our new monthly donor program. For the price of a latte a month, you can help the WGF Library and Archive reach new heights (plus keep valuable things like the lights on and scripts bound). 

For only $5/month, you will help fund:


Extended thursday and saturday hours at the library

With your donation, you’re helping an entire community of writers—including you!—continue to visit the Library after work and on the weekends.


new script acquisitions + script binding

Looking to read the latest hit TV show or an award-nominated film script? With WGFriends, you’re pitching in to cover the costs to obtain and store new material. Plus, your donation goes towards professionally binding our scripts, so you can flip through script pages in style.


archive processing

Help us collect and preserve Hollywood’s greatest gems so we can continue to unearth and make public precious development materials, outlines, show bibles, and historical documents.


For the price of a latte…

Join WGFriends today to help us keep the lights on in the Library, acquire and bind new scripts, and unearth new materials in our Archive.

…and if you add a pastry.

Join WGFriends at a higher level and help us achieve our goals faster. You’ll also receive an exclusive tote bag and sticker to show off your support.

A special thanks to our current WGFriends…

Vickie Bates
Colin Costello
Morgane Enselme
Liz Galvao
William Hamilton
Danny Mora Howard
Lisa Kastner
Rashaad King
Anthony McBride
Cristina Nava
Brenna Thomas