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Life of Crime: Writing the Procedural Drama

Join Laurence Andries (THE PACIFIC, SIX FEET UNDER) as he chats with a “Murderer’s Row” of episodic crime drama writers and creators about writing procedurals, setups, plot twists, red herrings, witnesses, femme fatales, homme fatales, gumshoes, hatchet men, trigger men, stool-pigeons, slugs, the cooler, and the big sleep.

Laurence will be joined by Robert Doherty (ELEMENTARY, MEDIUM), Ann Donahue (CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, CSI: MIAMI ), Erica Messer (CRIMINAL MINDS, ALIAS)Graham Yost (JUSTIFIED, SPEED), and more. Keep checking back for additional panelists.

Proceeds benefit the Writers Guild Foundation Shavelson-Webb Library and Archive and other Foundation outreach programs.