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Genre Smash! with David Fury

Oh. You ain’t heard o’ David Fury? Fella writes programs for the television. Folks say he’s called David Fury ’cause he writes with a fury what can’t be matched even by the devil’s own boiler furnace.

What’s he write, you ask? Oh, only some o’ the biggest ‘n watched-est programs o’ the last couple decades. Like that vampire slayer program, and the one spun off it. Or the one about that fella only has 24 hours to stop a buncha terrorists. Or that one where all them folks got lost on that island with the polar bears and weird numbers and whatnot.

They say one year he wrote so much that his copy o’ Final Draft caught fire right there on his computer. ‘Nother time he typed so fast th’ other folks in the writers room start hearin’ these pop-pop-pop noises comin’ from his fingers – lil’ bite-size sonic booms is what they was. Yep, when it comes to churnin’ out the credits, that Fury fella’s got a locomotive engine in his belly.

He’ll be on th’ NerdMelt Showroom stage with us ’round holiday time, so a ticket to hear him cogitat an’ allocute about his career might just be the perfect gift.

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