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Notes on Craft 2012: Rewriting and Polishing

So your script is finished. Or… is it?

Once you’ve arrived at a draft you’re ready to show off to friends, agents, or producers, you should be prepared for the realization that you’re not done yet. Those readers will almost certainly have notes. But how do you know which note is the good note? How can you tell the difference between a lousy note and a bruised ego?

And once you’ve got all those notes collated.. How do you go about implementing them into your script? And how do you maintain the integrity of your vision while doing that?

Nobody ever said this business was easy.

Join Leslie Dixon (LIMITLESS), Nick Kazan (REVERSAL OF FORTUNE) and Scott Alexander (MAN ON THE MOON) as they discuss the final stages of the screenwriting process.

Dan Petrie, Jr. (BEVERLY HILLS COP) will moderate the discussion.