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Notes on Craft 2012: Dialogue and Scene

Crafting good dialogue means more than just knowing the right words. It’s answering questions like: How much or how little should your characters say? How much of your plot’s exposition should they reveal? What do your characters’ words reveal about their goals and their personalities, and how can dialogue get you into and out of a scene?

The way your characters talk – or don’t talk – goes a long way toward moving your story forward. And using the wrong kind of dialogue, or too much, or too little, can ruin a whole scene – or worse, your whole script.

Join our panelists Susannah Grant (ERIN BROCKOVICH), Peter Tolan (ANALYZE THIS) and Tim Dowling (ROLE MODELS) as they discuss how to create conversations that keep people reading.

Dan Petrie, Jr. (BEVERLY HILLS COP) moderates the discussion.

Earlier Event: October 18
Notes on Craft 2012: Characters