By this point we've made so many "The Truth Is Out There" jokes that we're pretty sure we've run the well dry, so I'll just get to the point and say: We interviewed Chris Carter and it was glorious. THE FACTS ARE THESE: 1. He hangs out with David Duchovny and sometimes they go to the movies. 2. Apparently everyone in the world knows that his production company, Ten Thirteen, is a reference to his birthday. 3. His memory of the show is probably better than the most dedicated fan out there. 4. That part of "The Post-Modern Prometheus" where Mulder and Scully slow dance was improvised by Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. 5. He's a super sweet guy who is very patient with interviewers who interrupt his stories about David Duchovny to say how cool it is that he hangs out with David Duchovny.

Also, we had a few questions during the Q&A segment that were on the... eccentric side. You know, it happens.

The event was recorded October 21, 2014.

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