J. Michael Straczynski at GENRE SMASH!

Here's a quick project: Look up J. Michael Straczynski on Wikipedia. I won't link to it; I'll just hang out here while you go check out his page. (twenty-seven minute pause)

So yeah. You probably noticed that not only is Straczynski - known as "JMS" or simply "Joe" - has a pretty huge body of work dating back to the 1980s. And you probably also noticed that it spans media; he's done features, television, comic books, and more. And you probably also noticed that while he focuses largely on genre fiction like SF and superheroes, he also does straight drama, like 2008's CHANGELING.

The guy is a machine. He created BABYLON 5 and is working on a new TV project with the Wachowskis. He wrote THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN from 2001-2007. He started his own comics imprint. He wrote a guide to screenwriting.

He does a lot of stuff.

Here's our conversation with him from about a year ago, in which he talks about how he manages to be so prolific. Here's a hint: It has to do with getting up, writing, and then writing some more.

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