Podcast: The Multi-Hyphenates with Jay & Mark Duplass

  With their list of credits as writers, actors, producers, and directors, Jay and Mark Duplass may be two of the hardest working people in Hollywood. In this November 10 event, which was moderated by Kirsten "Kiwi" Smith, Jay summed up the secret to their success as filmmakers: "We were just two dudes making stuff...and making stuff relentlessly."

Along with amusing stories from the trenches of making indie films such as THE PUFFY CHAIR and BAGHEAD and their HBO series TOGETHERNESS, the brothers gave sage advice to aspiring filmmakers (basically, learn to do everything yourselves) and proved their point by bringing out writer and director Sean Baker, who made the film TANGERINE (which the Duplass brothers executive produced) for $100K and with an iPhone 5s.

We apologize for the volume and distortion issues on this recording. We've gotten our act together for recordings after this one. But we hope you enjoy this hilarious conversation anyway!

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Music on this podcast is Peanut Bummer Jam by Benjamin Tibbetts