Podcast: The Humorist with Adam McKay

This January 12 event with Adam McKay was all sorts of awesome. Not only did it kick off with Garry Shandling meandering into the room during McKay's introduction, but his co-writer on THE BIG SHORT, Charles Randolph, also joined the conversation midway to talk about the process of developing Michael Lewis's book about the 2008 financial collapse into a film that has garnered Golden Globe, Writers Guild Award, and Academy Award nominations (plus a Producers Guild Award win for Best Picture). Moderator Craig Mazin did a fine job of exploring McKay's comedic past as the writer, director and producer of films such as ANCHORMAN, TALLADEGA NIGHTS, STEP BROTHERS, and THE OTHER GUYS, as well as his longtime partnership with Will Ferrell, whom he met on Saturday Night Live and co-founded the website Funny or Die.  Before you tune into the remaining awards shows to see how THE BIG SHORT fares, listen to this great discussion first.

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