New Video: ANATOMY OF A SCRIPT with Jenji Kohan

I know all you guys are watching ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK because you won't stop talking about it on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and Megatweet and Tinderpoke and whatever the heck other social media whatsits you Silicon Valley types keep inventing to make me feel old. And many of you seemingly managed to have watched the entire second season only 73 minutes after it was released on Netflix, in clear violation of something in that Stephen Hawking book I have on my bookshelf to make visitors think I'm smart. And because you all love OITNB so much, you're sure to love this hilarious and insightful interview with its creator, Jenji Kohan, back when she was making WEEDS. It's part of our old ANATOMY OF A SCRIPT series, in which Winnie Holzman and Robin Schiff interviewed  the writers and creators that helped continue to inspire their own work.

The video is in two parts: The main interview and the audience Q&A. Enjoy!

Part 1:

Part 2: