The long-awaited Writers Guild Foundation podcasts continue - this week, we present our incredible chat with mega-prolific television writer Jane Espenson! Jane has a huge and impressive list of credits, starting with DINOSAURS (which she discusses in the podcast, including its hilarious-yet-kinda-gloomy final episode) and arriving most recently at HUSBANDS, the web series she co-created with actor and writer Brad Bell (but don't let her hear you call it a web series). She's perhaps best celebrated for her work on BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, for which she wrote classic episodes like "Pangs" and "Earshot."

Jane talks about coming up in the TV industry, why she prefers the medium to movies (and why she's not really a "movie person"), and beautifully answers one question from a frustrated audience member who tells the story of missing out on a writing room position because the staff, according to a producer, "already has its woman." Jane's response is at once encouraging and pragmatic.

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