Writers on Writing with Jason Katims

There are few TV shows in which I’ve shed real tears while watching, and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is one of them. I’m talking tears during every. single. episode of the first season, and I blame all that mascara smudging on the show’s fantastic writing. If you feel the same, then you’ll enjoy hearing tales behind the writing of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, as well as another equally heart-warming NBC show PARENTHOOD, from showrunner Jason Katims at our September 14, 2014 event Writers on Writing.

Interviewed by moderator and fellow writer Jan Oxenberg, you’ll hear Katims’ thoughts on developing such relatable characters and real family dynamics; his approach to running a writers room; and how he channels his personal experiences into the shows he writes.

Stay tuned for more podcasts featuring Jason Katims, who takes the moderator seat for our upcoming Master Class with Winnie Holzman on August 26.