Inside the Writers Room with Better Call Saul

On May 26, we welcomed the talented writers room of BETTER CALL SAUL, including co-creator and showrunner Peter Gould, executive producer Thomas Schnauz, co-EP Gennifer Hutchison, story editor Gordon Smith, co-producer Jonathan Glatzer, executive story editorAnn Cherkis and staff writer Heather Marion.

Moderated by the fabulous Stacey Wilson Hunt of Vulture, the conversation took a closer look at the choices made in episodes written by each writer (we showed video clips which we had to edit out, but Stacey does mention the specific episode numbers if you want to look them up for context). We learned how Kim became an accidental feminist, why the writers wanted to put Jimmy in a scene wearing his underwear, and exactly how they came up with the term ‘Squat Cobbler.’ Enjoy the podcast!