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Genre Smash! with Supernatural Creator Eric Kripke

Eric Kripke was a journeyman writer, working on shorts and a short-lived TARZAN series before creating SUPERNATURAL – about two brothers who tour the country in a ’67 Impala fighting demons – in 2005. The show would go on to garner a huge fan base and persist for ten seasons. New episodes are still in production. Oh, and that fan base? Go to Tumblr and search for SUPERNATURAL pages. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

But that’s not all! In 2012, Eric debuted REVOLUTION on NBC, a post-apocalyptic drama about a worldwide blackout. The show has been nominated for multiple Saturn Awards including Best New Television Series, which it won.

Eric will be on hand to chat about creating (and later leaving) SUPERNATURAL, as well as REVOLUTION and his other projects.