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Writing for Television 2012

Have you been slaving away, trying to break the story for that perfect sitcom spec? Do you have a completed procedural pilot that you just don’t know what to do with? Or do you have a few credits to your name, and you’re wondering where your career is going next?

At WRITING FOR TELEVISION 2012, you’ll hear from writers, agents and executives with years of experience and expertise. They’ll discuss every aspect of the craft, from writing to pitching to breaking in and staying in. We’ll also have a selection of writers from the MODERN FAMILY staff, who’ll be on hand to talk about the fast-paced dynamic of a comedy writers’ room.

Watch the recorded videos of these events:

Watch the HOW TO HAVE A CAREER panel here.
Panelists include Roy Ashton (Head of literary development, The Gersh Agency), Henry Bromell (HOMELAND), Ryan Harris (CHICAGO FIRE), Dee Johnson (BOSS) and Janet Leahy (MAD MEN).

Watch the ANATOMY OF A SHOW: MODERN FAMILY panel here.
Panelists include Danny Zuker, Elaine Ko, Dan O’Shannon and Abraham Higginbotham.

Watch the ART OF PITCHING panel here.
Panelists include Ken Biller (PERCEPTION), Alexa Junge (FRIENDS), Marc Korman (Agent, WME) and Larry Wilmore (THE BERNIE MAC SHOW).

Watch the BIG PICTURE panel here.
Panelists include Greg Garcia (creator, MY NAME IS EARL, RAISING HOPE), Ari Greenburg (Agent, WME), Sue Naegle (president, HBO Entertainment), Tal Rabinowitz (Executive Vice President of Comedy Programming, NBC) and Albert Salke (President, Fox 21).