WGF Staff's Favorite Moments of 2016

Whether we were hosting stellar panels and fundraising events or unearthing unexpected gems from the Archive, 2016 was a busy and eventful year at the Writers Guild Foundation. We welcomed a slew of fantastic writers, directors, actors and executives from across genres, mediums and backgrounds. And we stocked our Library and Archive with new scripts and collections to inspire patrons. Here are our favorite WGF moments from 2016.  Libbie Anderson, Volunteer and Programs Coordinator

Her pick: Meeting Norman Lear, November 2016

In her words: "Norman spoke to a group from our Veteran's Writing Project in November. Having the opportunity to hear him recount his life and unparalleled career was truly unforgettable."

Javier Barrios, Acquisitions Manager

His pick: Matthew Sand's talk for National University in the Library 

In his words: "Basically during the last 15 years, as the pool of writers being hired for studio projects narrowed from 1500 to about 300 writers, he was able to stay within that shrinking group because he met deadlines no matter what and was a likeable, not crazy, guy at meetings."


Chris Kartje, Director of Programs

His pick: All of our Events

In his words: "All of our events give us a glimpse into what it means to be working and writing in the film industry. But more importantly, they show us that we can do it too and that we are only one step away from achieving our dreams. And I met Oprah and Greg Kinnear!"


Mary McGuire, Director of Development

Her pick: The All-In-For-Vets Texas Hold 'Em Poker Tournament, October 2016

In her words: "We doubled our fundraising goal and had a great time doing it."

Enid Portuguez, Director of Communications

Her pick: Our events with the writers and stars of JANE THE VIRGIN and INSECURE, May and November 2016

In her words: "Meeting the writers and actors of two of my favorite shows was definitely a highlight. So much so that I couldn't help but take some shameless selfies." 


Hilary Swett, Archivist

Her pick: Helping an academic from Oregon research rare scripts from the Al Capp Show from 1952

In her words: "[These scripts] do not exist anywhere else that I know of. He was so excited and was showing me what he discovered. It made me excited and I was so happy to complete the circle from donor to archivist to researcher."