WGF Staff's Favorite Films of 2017

As 2017 winds down, the Writers Guild Foundation staff reflects upon the films that made us cheer, weep, belly laugh, or stare slack jawed in awe this year. Here are each of our top 3 favorite films and a bit about why we loved them so much. Of course, you can find screenplays for all of our #1 favorites on the shelves at the WGF LibraryLibbie Anderson, Volunteer and Programs Coordinator

#1: Call Me By Your Name. It's vulnerable and devastating, but also kindhearted and sensitive. It's the kind of movie that leaves you emotionally and almost physically exhausted, but you walk away feeling like a better person. It's that powerful. 

#2: Lady Bird #3: Personal Shopper

Javier Barrios, Acquisitions Manager

#1: Coco. I'm obsessed with the after life. I loved that it portrayed a Mexican holiday—Day of the Dead—in a correct and respectful manner, and that it was used as a plot device.


Lauren O'Connor, Librarian

#1: Wonder Woman. It treats its female hero with sincerity and as the subject of her own story. Plus, she holds true to her convictions as she develops them, kicks a lot of ass and has to make a big existential choice by the end. Basically, it felt like watching a biography of myself.


#2: Girls Trip #3: Coco/Patti Cake$ (tie)

Enid Portuguez, Director of Communications

#1: Lady Bird. I haven't been so charmed by a movie in a long time. Writer-director Greta Gerwig's hilarious dialogue and the exquisite, observant way she deals with the turbulent relationships between mothers-daughters, best friends, and high school boyfriends kept me captivated from beginning to end. 

#2: Get Out #3: The Florida Project

Hilary Swett, Archivist

#1: Get Out. Jordan Peele made an extraordinary film by blurring the limits of genre, making it socially conscious, and making it highly enjoyable. 

#2: Lady Bird #3: Blade Runner 2049