Summer Fridays: Vicky Cristina Barcelona

We understand that not everyone gets a half-day from work every Friday in the summer (the nerve!), but we at the Writers Guild Foundation aim to brighten your day by sending you off into your awesome weekends with our favorite summer movie picks from our staff and board every Friday through July and August. I'll start with my favorite: VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA. This 2008 Woody Allen film starring Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem perpetually inspires me to leave everything and spend the rest of my days sipping cava under a Gaudi sculpture with crazy artists. It's got passionate love triangles (quadrangles even), sun-kissed scenes in and around Barcelona and Allen's witty dialogue in two languages--es perfecto!

Here's the scene in which Juan Antonio (Bardem) first encounters Vicky (Johansson) and Cristina (Rebecca Hall) and invites them on a plane ride. Because that's how you talk to strangers in Spain. Read the scene in the Vicky Cristina Barcelona script, which is available in the Library.