Summer Fridays: Roman Holiday

Can you believe it's already August?! We are counting down our last few weeks of summer with more of our favorite summer movies. This week's pick comes from Joanne Lammers, our Managing Director, Library and Archives. She chose the wonderful 1953 classic ROMAN HOLIDAY, starring Audrey Hepburn as a crown princess roaming the streets of Rome and Gregory Peck as a reporter who romances her.

"ROMAN HOLIDAY made me want to steal away with Gregory Peck and spend a summer afternoon pretending to be someone else in sunny Rome," writes Joanne. "Audrey’s Hepburn’s stunning debut and the witty dialogue still delight after multiple viewings."

The film also has historical significance for Joanne, who has overseen the Archives' collection of Blacklist memorabilia and documentation.

Because of the Blacklist, Donald Trumbo’s name did not appear in the original version, and only his “story” credit was restored in 1991.  Due to an incredible friendship between Trumbo’s son Chris and Ian McClellan Hunter’s son Tim and their tireless determination, Trumbo’s “story and screenplay by” credit was finally restored and recognized by the WGA in 2011.

"Last month, I had the great fortune of seeing a new print with Dalton Trumbo’s full screenplay credit for the first time, thanks to the preservation team at the Paramount Archives," she writes. "Seeing Trumbo’s name emblazoned on the screen at long last was quite emotional, especially since his grandchildren were in the audience."


[Screenshot of the credits from the Paramount Archives screening taken by Joanne's daughter]

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