Summer Fridays: Men in Black

This week's Summer Fridays pick comes to you from WGF Board Member Pam Veasey, the writer and executive producer of CSI: CYBER who has also written for CSI: NY, THE DISTRICT and IN LIVING COLOR. She is also moderating our August 11 Master Class with Meredith Stiehm, which you should check out because it's going to be awesome. Pam's pick: MEN IN BLACK, the 1997 blockbuster starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as secret agents tasked with monitoring extraterrestrial activity on Earth. "It was a blockbuster and for good reason!" writes Pam. "Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are fantastic. The writing is smart and funny. The visual and special effects are great. You can never go wrong with a talking Pug named Frank."

Relive the moment when Will Smith's Agent J meets Frank for the first time in the clip below. Rent MEN IN BLACK and read the script in our Library.