Letter from Bill Lawrence: How to be smug at parties

billlawrencebatman Dear Much-Younger-Than-Me-Writer-Types,

My name is Bill Lawrence, and I was asked to write you on behalf of the Writers Guild Foundation no later than September 5th. So of course I’m writing this quickly on the morning of September 21st. Let’s all try to keep the tradition of procrastinating (then lying about it) alive for future generations of writers.

The Writers Guild Foundation is committed to preserving the work of film and TV writers of the past, while nurturing the voices of the next generation. I got involved because I was looking for a way to give back to the career I love. I also wanted a charitable organization so noble I could be unbearably smug about it at cocktail parties. This is that organization.

The Shavelson-Webb Library, THE ONLY LIBRARY IN THE WORLD FOCUSED ONLY ON WRITING FOR THE SCREEN, provides a wealth of scripts, recordings and archival treasures for young writers. The library also provides a place for young writers to form a community and build relationships. In order to keep providing these benefits, it needs need ANY help you can give.

For military vets, it’s a challenge to return to the civilian workforce, much less pursue a dream. Our Veterans Writing Project gives vets a chance to learn about the craft – and business – of writing. We’ve had success landing alumni jobs on staffs, in the industry, but we have to turn away a staggering number of applicants. We need ANY help you can give.

The Foundation also connects experienced writers who want to mentor young writing minds with wonderful literacy and writing organizations all over Los Angeles. But this takes staff time and could benefit from ANY help you can give.

We’re asking for your support and generosity. Any donations (fully tax deductible) will help. Please send a check today or donate online.

Thanks for reading this. Rest assured, as I go back to my office to drink the blood of young writers and continue stealing their souls – I am grateful for your time and hope you get involved.


Bill Lawrence Board Member, Writers Guild Foundation