Job Posting: Events Coordinator

Application period closes March 23, 2018. THIS APPLICATION IS NOW CLOSED.  Looking for your occupassion?  Tired of throwing events for causes that don’t inspire you?  Love dealing with all the nitpicky details that set great events apart from good? Want to work at the nexus of the arts and entertainment and public service?  Willing to read a longish job spec and submit a resume that’ll make us want to meet you? Look no further!

We are looking for a motivated, detail-oriented, organized, emotionally intelligent person to help us plan and execute our yearly calendar of events, from panels, screenings, and Write-A-Thons to our yearly WGFestival conference.  This full-time position is ideal for someone with 2-3 years of experience in non-profits, events planning, political campaigns, or marketing/public relations.

The Writers Guild Foundation is a non-profit that serves current and aspiring members of the Writers Guild of America, West. In this role, you will assist the Events & Communications Director with everything related to producing and expanding the Foundation’s events throughout the year.

This is a job for someone who will never make excuses, has a contagious sense of humor, and is willing to roll up their sleeves. THIS IS NOT A WRITING OR FILM/TV PRODUCTION POSITION. You made it this far.  Now decide if the daily responsibilities are ones where you have both experience and interest.


  • Schedule and coordinate all internal and external events that WGF produces and hosts
  • Liaise and correspond with panelists, moderators, VIP guests, vendors, and representatives
  • Help staff events, coordinate volunteers, and interface with attendees
  • Make all the people you interact with super happy that they know you
  • Manage event ticketing check-in and RSVP/guest lists
  • Track events expenses and invoicing
  • Facilitate events-related initiatives such as gift certificates, Golden Tickets, and All Access Passes
  • Work with Events & Communications Director on marketing and events promotion
  • Build and cultivate relationships with outside venues, vendors, and potential partners
  • Assist with pretty much anything else happening in the office, because you’ll be “that person” for everyone
  • Make your colleagues laugh (seriously, we are fun and we want someone who is also fun; this is a non-profit, so we aren’t paid enough to be serious all the time)


  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Disciplined, painstaking, precise, sharp, detailed, self-aware
  • Spidey sense
  • Comfortable multi-tasking without getting all frazzled
  • Relationship builder with the flexibility and finesse to manage by influence
  • Infectious laugh and sense of humor
  • Sincere commitment to work collaboratively with all constituencies, including WGF and WGA staff, board members, volunteers, donors, events attendees, program participants, and other supporters
  • Self-starter, able to work independently, not a whiner/complainer
  • Able to work event hours. Your shifts will shift based on event schedules, so you must be able to work evenings and/or weekends based on our event calendar. The word “events” is in the job, after all, so that means you.


  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, basic computer stuff (I know, it is 2018, but I still gotta say it) and normal, professional office etiquette/behavior/experience
  • Social media savvy (please know what a hashtag, IG story, and engagement mean. You’re the person that explains to your mom’s friends how the interwebs are used to sell ideas and tickets
  • Able to charm and befriend on the phone and in person (and in your cover letter)
  • Willing and able to learn and be coached
  • Smart, witty, considerate, and professional
  • Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound
  • Like people. We mean really, really like people and enjoy meeting new people. You’re the person that makes friends while in line at the dry cleaners and gets that person to buy a ticket or sign up for our mailing list.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop a plan of action, achieve buy-in, and execute to the plan successfully
  • Getting stuff DONE (no muss, no fuss)
  • Not raised by wolves, willing to pitch in even if it isn’t your job
  • Able to think on your feet and manage through situations without ruffling feathers


THE BUREAUCRATIC BIT (a.k.a., the Blah Blah Blah):

Interviewees will be chosen very selectively. Please be sure you meet the qualifications before you apply.  Failure to follow the guidelines laid out in this posting is disqualifying. A persuasive cover letter or note describing your understanding of our organization and why you are a good fit will get our attention (and is required).


Getting your shining personality across will increase your odds (don’t be afraid to enjoy yourself and let us know who we might be working with; generic cover letters are as boring to read as they are to write, so take pity on the person screening 300 apps).  Thinking of a skill you have, that you know we need, but that we didn’t list above, will get you serious bonus points.  Referring to something specific from our website or this notice in your subject line will prove you read and understood this job posting; not doing so will prove that you just applied randomly to jobs by clicking on a job website (again, disqualifying). Submitting your cover and resume in one convenient, combined, printable document (PDF or Word) makes our lives easier and increases your chances of having both read.  In short, your email/cover matters.  A LOT.

While our salaries are very non-profity, our benefits are outstanding and include such parent-pleasing things as health insurance, paid time off, sick leave, a pension program, access to special screenings, a business casual environment (suits and ties make us nervous), and super way cool co-workers.  Plus, our offices are in a great part of town, across the street from the Farmers Market at 3rd and Fairfax.

We are an equal opportunity employer. You must be eligible to work legally in the United States without employer sponsorship.  You must have a valid California driver license.  You must not be annoying. A job offer is contingent: hire is subject to the results of a background check.

SUBMIT BY EMAIL ONLY.  NO CALLS.  DO NOT EMAIL STAFF OR THE ED DIRECTLY (again, disqualifying).  We’re expecting a large volume of applications, so please be patient, and give us at least three weeks to get back to you.

Email your cover letter and resume to: