Inside The Writers Room With NEW GIRL - New Podcast!

A few weeks ago, we welcomed the writers of NEW GIRL to our home, including creator Liz Meriwether and writers Brett Baer, Dave Finkel, JJ Philbin, Kim Rosenstock, Josh Malmuth, and Berkley Johnson. It was a great night, and not just because we learned who got to hang out with Prince.  Also valuable: Meriwether's hiring process (owning a copy of Final Draft isn't a prerequisite to being staffed, apparently); the executive reaction to Damon Wayans Jr's return to the show (Meriwether: "There can be two African-American guys on the show and everything will be fine."); the process of suppressing your own ego when you work as part of a team; and at least one accidental reference to the WGA as the "Writers' Club."

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