Help us keep the Library open on Saturdays!

Friends! We need your help! We’ve lost our funding to keep extended Saturday hours and parking for library patrons. We need to raise $16,282 to keep the Library open every Saturday and keep parking free for visitors.

Why are Saturday hours so important?

Saturday is one of our busiest days at the Library and vital to reaching a diverse community of writers. For those who may not have the immediate resources and means to pursue a writing career, we provide a free space and a day over the weekend to work and access scripts.

Who comes to the Library on Saturdays? 

  • Writers with 9-to-5 jobs during the week
  • Writers who are students enrolled in classes during the week
  • Writers and scholars who travel from outside the LA metro area 
  • Writers with kids to take care of during the week and who use Saturday as a work/personal day
  • Writers thinking of transitioning from other careers
  • WGA members who want to write when the member's lounge is closed

We can go on and on...

Every day that the WGF Library is open gives someone the opportunity to discover great writing, pursue a dream career, or finish a project that can change his or her life.

Please help us reach our goal and give what you can—even a $10 donation is appreciated. If you can’t give now, spread the word about our cause to your friends and colleagues.

Thank you all for your continued support!