David Fury at GENRE SMASH!

Just before we all left for the holidays, David Fury joined us at the NerdMelt Showroom for GENRE SMASH!, where he chatted with us about his early days writing for cartoons like PINKY AND THE BRAIN; getting on board the Joss Whedon Express early; writing some of the most memorable shows on television; and what The Hatch on LOST could have led to, had things gone in a different direction. Actually, stay for that last part. It's near the end, and you'll want to hear it.

But wait, there's more: David gifted our archive with some truly fascinating materials, including early drafts and notes from many of his scripts. Click here to take a look.

[powerpress url="https://www.wgfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/podcasts/david.fury.wgf.podcast.mp3"]

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