The David Fury Collection

Last week's GENRE SMASH! featured TV writer extraordinaire David Fury, who's written for groundbreaking shows like BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, 24 and LOST - not to mention other great stuff like FRINGE and BUFFY spin-off ANGEL. We'll have a podcast posted soon, but in the meantime, take a look at some of the incredible materials David donated to our library and archive! (UPDATE: Click here to listen to that podcast!) Major and minor spoilers abound for BUFFY, ANGEL and 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY here, so as our friend Walter White might say: Tread lightly. 

First off is a draft of "Lies My Parents Told Me," the 17th episode of the final season of BUFFY, featuring more of Spike's backstory. Here are some images of the first page.




David also gave us his copy of "Parting Gifts," the tenth episode of ANGEL's first season. In the episode, Cordelia learns that the recently departed Doyle has passed on his clairvoyant abilities to her.



Note the silver brads. The BUFFY and ANGEL writers' rooms used exclusively silver brads as an homage to the supernatural subject matter. No word on whether Seth Green had a problem with this.



David was invited to work on 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY, the recent chapter in the story of Jack Bauer's series of terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days. Here are some notes he put together at the beginning of the writing process for the show - note the early stages of modeling Chloe O'Brian's character development after real-life hacker/journalist/political asylum enthusiast Julian Assange:



Finally, we have pre-production materials for "Walkabout," the fourth episode of LOST, in which we learn that John Locke… well, if you're still here, you know that Locke was in a wheelchair before his time on the island.

Locke hunts boar in that first episode, so David provided us with his research.



Here's the first page of the outline.



Finally, here's the episode's reveal - again from the outline.


All these items are available in our archive.

Like I said, we'll post the audio of our interview with David soon - he's hilarious and charming, and if you're a LOST fan, you'll learn some pretty amazing stuff. Keep watching this site! And happy holidays!