Classic Simpsons Night!

Woo hoo! At our May 20 installment of GENRE SMASH!, we were joined by the guys who basically crafted the world of THE SIMPSONS as we know it today. The guys who populated not just Springfield, but our world, with characters like Mr. Burns and Smithers, Krusty and Sideshow Bob, Principal Skinner and Mrs. Krabappel. The guys who are the reason we now shout "HA-ha!" whenever we express schadenfreude.

This week's podcast is our recording of that event - one of the most hilarious evenings we've had all year.

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A quick warning: Some of our guests - as brilliant and insightful and gut-bustingly funny as they were - weren't always great about speaking directly into the microphones. I cranked the volume as high as I could when I cut the podcast together, but there'll be points at which you're straining your ears. But it'll be worth it!

Our guests at the GENRE SMASH! Classic Simpsons Night were:

Al Jean Jay Kogen Jeff Martin Mike Reiss Jon Vitti Wallace Wolodarsky

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