What we're doing in Austin

As I write this, we're in final preparations to head to the Austin Film Fest and present our SCRIBBLE TO SCREEN panel and exhibit. If you've explored our website before, you know a little about S2S; it's a collection of early notes and handwritten drafts to classics like A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN and MY SO-CALLED LIFE. You can check it out online here. But this is the first time we've ever made a live event out of it, and we're so thrilled about it that we haven't slept in days, and occasionally just stare at ourselves in the mirror and laugh until the memory centers of our brains stop working and we wake up hours later on the bathroom floor with the dog on our chest begging to be fed. OK, maybe we've been working a little too hard.

Either way, S2S is going to be, as the kids say, off the chain. We're going to have hella screenwriters there ("OK, Kevin," you're saying. "We get it.") and they're all coming armed with their old drafts and notes. Like these note cards from MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA that Robin Swicord is bringing with her:



When writing the script, Robin was careful to account for varying possibilities later in the screenwriting process, as well as anticipate studio notes. So she jotted down multiple iterations of the opening scene to use in the actual first draft.

We're also hosting David Shore, who'll talk about HOUSE M.D. David was kind enough to share his master list of possible titles for the show.

HOUSE - possible titlesI'm a fan of "House Rules," which has a more sitcom-on-TBS feel to it, and "Med Squad," which sounds like an awesome 70s-style action series with Erik Estrada as a street-smart paramedic who solves mysteries. (David, these are hints.)

These documents and more will be on view at the S2S exhibit at the Austin Film Fest. And if we're lucky, we'll have time to make more of them available in this space as well. Keep watching.