Staff and Board

Here’s a bit about who we are. (Click our names to send us emails.)

 KATIE BUCKLAND – Executive Director

Before joining the Foundation in 2013, Katie served as Executive Director of the California Women’s Law Center, a legal advocacy group targeting the civil rights of women and girls. Prior to working with nonprofits, Katie enjoyed a career in politics and government, serving on Bill Clinton’s presidential campaigns and the Democratic National Committee. As communications director for the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office, she created the award-winning Neighborhood Prosecutor Project, which places prosecutors in neighborhoods to improve the quality of life in local communities. A licensed attorney, Katie also served as a domestic violence prosecutor for the City of Los Angeles.


MARY MCGUIRE Director of Development

Prior to joining the Foundation, Mary oversaw a global freedom of expression advocacy program at Freedom House, an international human rights organization in Washington, DC. While there, she spent her time lobbying diplomats at the United Nations and the World Bank for stronger international norms on freedom of expression as well as providing technical assistance to freedom of expression advocates in some of the world’s most politically repressive countries. And as with most nonprofits, she did this all while raising the funds necessary to keep her program sustainable. In her past life and in no particular order, Mary worked for the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles, served in the press offices of Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan and Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo, and traveled the country for a youth voter education initiative spearheaded by producer Norman Lear. In her spare time, she wades through her full DVR and strives to protect her passport from underuse.


CHRISTOPHER KARTJE Director of Programs

Chris graduated from the University of Michigan with a BA in Film Studies and joined the Foundation in 2012 after many years of working in the entertainment industry, including on the sets of TV shows like FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON and THE WEDDING BAND. He has also pursued his love of books by facilitating merchandising initiatives at Barnes and Noble, and his love of Buzz Lightyear by working at Walt Disney World. With his extensive training in aikido, jiu jitsu and iaido, Chris is training to be the first American Ninja Warrior. He is serious about this, so stop smiling. No, really.


ENID PORTUGUEZ Director of Communications

Before joining the Foundation in 2015, Enid served as the Digital Media Officer at the World Federation of United Nations Associations, a global nonprofit in New York where she oversaw and managed its communications and digital strategy. In her life before nonprofits, she spent her days blogging about TV, reviewing LA hotspots and eating tiny food at fashion events as a lifestyle and entertainment writer and editor for publications such as the Los Angeles Times,, LA Daily News, The Daily Beast and Movieline magazine. She earned her B.A. from UC Irvine and her M.S. from Columbia University. When she’s not tweeting and Instagramming, Enid is looking for the best taco trucks and donut shops in the city because life is too short to eat tiny food.


Arun works hard to
Manage ops and the details
So staff can focus

An attorney by training and licensure, if not strictly by temperament, in his other life, Arun is an executive in the financial services sector. In his prior life, he served as Special Counsel to California governor Gray Davis, and as the state’s first Director of eGovernment where he managed technology policy/legislation and California’s technology infrastructure including the launch of the award winning myCalifornia web portal and “Film California First.”  Before that, he served as a technology consultant to companies, non-profits, and international governments, and was the Managing Director of the California Democratic Party, where he was responsible for statewide coordinated campaigns and operations.  He is a graduate of Macalester College and UCLA Law.

JAVIER BARRIOS Acquisitions Manager

Jav’s task is essentially to beg and coax TV writers and screenwriters into donating their scripts to the library. He’s extraordinarily well-versed in past and current writing trends, which makes him a valued asset to all of our library patrons, many of whom ask for him by name. He only hides from about twenty percent of them. Jav studied screenwriting at the University of Southern California, and when he is not busy being an excellent husband to his wife Aimee and father to his twin girls, he is pursuing a television writing career.


Hilary joined the Writers Guild Foundation in 2014 and works toward the preservation and promotion of WGA history and the craft and business of writing in Hollywood.  She earned a BA in Film Production and worked in a variety of roles in the entertainment industry before completing a Masters in Library and Information Science at San Jose State University. She is thrilled that she gets to use her entertainment and archival knowledge on a daily basis to the benefit of writers, historians, movie buffs and lovers of the written word.

LIBBIE ANDERSON Programs and Volunteer Coordinator

While earning her B.A. in Film & Media Arts, Libbie discovered her passion for cultivating communities and helping others through writing and film.  This passion led her to opportunities with non-profit organizations such as The Creative Coalition, Salt Lake Film Society, and Film Front at the University of Utah.  Prior to joining the Writers Guild Foundation in 2016, Libbie worked as a Programs Coordinator with TV Writers Fund for the Future where she enjoyed assisting writers of older ages engage with today’s entertainment market.  When she isn’t seeking opportunities for writers to engage in the community, Libbie can typically be found romping around Griffith Park with her dog, Penny.


LAUREN O’CONNOR  – Rosenthal Fellow

Lauren comes to the Foundation from the Bay Area Video Coalition in San Francisco, where she spearheaded AV Compass, a web-based resource for helping nonprofits and small organizations to identify and preserve their media collections. She holds a B.F.A in Screenwriting from University of North Carolina School of the Arts and an M.A. in Moving Image Archive Studies from UCLA. In her spare time, Lauren enjoys writing plays, eating dessert and learning about the history of Country & Roots music. 

BARBARA HALL – Library Fellow

Barbara is an archivist and film historian who worked at the Academy’s Margaret Herrick Library and at Warner Bros. before striking out on her own as a freelance researcher, writer and oral historian in 2015.  A Southern California native who graduated from USC Cinema and earned an MA from the University of Iowa, Barbara is fascinated by every aspect of Hollywood studio history, and spends as much time as she can watching old and new movies and TV shows.  She has also published articles in Written By about the Guild and the blacklist, and over the years has had the chance to interview a range of industry veterans, including the screenwriters Daniel Taradash and Hal Kanter. 

TOMMY VINH BUI – Library Fellow

An ardent Angeleno with an arsenal of alliterative adjectives always at the ready and at all hours, Tommy is armed with a BA in Cinema and Television Arts with an emphasis in screenwriting along with an MA in English Literature with a dash of MLIS in Library and Information Science. He was an ALA Spectrum Scholar and his unwavering aim is to empower patrons, serve the public, and advocate ceaselessly for libraries. Tommy also studied at the University of Wales and is now hopelessly left forevermore searching for that perfect plate of Welsh rarebit. He served in the Peace Corps and was stationed in bonnie Kazakhstan working in education. He climbed Mount Kilimanjaro last year and is quick to insert that fact into every conversation with unapologetic gusto.   


MELISSA RITZ – Mission Continues Fellow 

While developing her award-winning, (Off-Broadway!) solo-show, recovering actress Melissa discovered her love of writing. In 2016, she moved to LA from NYC to pursue the Foundation’s Veterans Writing Project. She served in the Air Force and was trained to analyze body fluid in a hospital laboratory. She also worked at the U.S. Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, and toured the globe as a vocalist with Air Force Entertainment’s Tops in Blue program. She earned her BA in Dance and MFA in Theatre Performance, both from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She volunteered at numerous WGF events in 2016 and in 2017, she became a Mission Continues Fellow. She’s very happy to not analyze body fluid anymore!

Staff photos taken by Miles Jason Casupanan