Become a Writers Guild Foundation Volunteer!


Tired of volunteering at organizations that don’t inspire you? The Writers Guild Foundation is looking for hard working, committed, and fun folks to become volunteers!

Along with the warm, fuzzy feelings that come from helping us promote the craft of writing for the screen, you also get the sweet perk of attending our events and programs for free.

To submit an application, click the button below. We strongly recommend reading our FAQ before submitting your application! If you have any questions, shoot us an email!

Frequently Asked Questions

What duties will I have as a volunteer?

Volunteers work behind-the-scenes to bring our events and programs to life. Here’s just a sampling of what we’ll ask you to help with:

  • Checking attendees and guests into events.

  • Running microphones for Q&A sessions.

  • Cleaning and maintaining food and drink stations.

  • Liaising with attendees, panelists, and guests.

  • Monitoring seating capacities.

  • Running stand-by ticket lines.

  • Working as scorekeepers for Trivia Nights.

How does the volunteer recruitment process work?

We recruit volunteers on a quarterly basis, but we accept applications throughout the year. To fill out an application, click here.

Applications will then be reviewed for consideration. If we think your application looks awesome, we’ll invite you to one of our quarterly Information Sessions. This is an opportunity to learn more about the Foundation and how volunteers fit into our overall mission, as well as give us an opportunity to get to know you in person. Attending an Information Session is required in order to advance as a potential volunteer.

If we decide you’re a good fit as a volunteer after the Information Session, we’ll officially invite you to help us out at future events and programs!

When are Information Sessions?

Information Sessions are held quarterly. Information Sessions are by invitation only—strong applicants will be notified of their ability to join an upcoming Information Session. Applications are accepted year round, but your application will be reviewed in the submission period prior to the next information session.

Here is our 2019 Information Schedule:

  • November 2019 (applications must be received by Friday, Oct 25 to be considered)

Attending an Information Session is required in order to advance as a potential volunteer. Being invited to an Information Session is NOT a guarantee that you will become a volunteer. Rather, an Info Session provides the opportunity for us to get to know you in person and determine if you’re a good fit for the Foundation.