Volunteer & Mentorship Program Testimonials

“Mentoring LGBT youth is a motivational experience for me.  I believe it is essential for burgeoning artists to witness examples of working professionals whose exploits may not be dissimilar.  It serves as bona fide proof that success is achievable.  To observe the elation from the participants whenever they made a connection with their artistry is something I am inspired by and remember fondly.”

Luther Mace (Survivor’s Remorse) who volunteered as a mentor for LifeWorks Theater Program

“I wanted to give back. I’ve been given life-changing opportunities to get where I am in my career. For a person of color working in Hollywood, it’s important to show students that it’s possible for them too. My favorite part was seeing how excited the students were about pitching their projects—it’s like witnessing the love for storytelling we all share.”

Moises Zamora (Star) who spoke with students at Dorsey High School

“As a female writer and a writer of color, I see it as a responsibility and obligation to give back and help bring in the next generation of writers. This program allows me to do just that.”

Ligiah Villalobos (Run, Diego! Run!) who spoke with students at Bancroft Middle School

“Growing up in Texas, I didn’t even know that ‘screenwriter’ was a viable career path. Now that I’m fortunate enough to work in the industry, I love what I do and the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with the students at 826LA was incredibly gratifying. The best part about working with 826LA was hearing the students ideas and stories. They were so enthusiastic and excited by the work they were creating that I left feeling inspired by this future generation of storytellers.” 

Hollie Overton (Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments) who spoke with students from 826LA