Awesome TV: ALIAS, “The Prophecy”

It’s hard for me to distill my love of the early 2000s TV show ALIAS into one blog post. To my teenage incarnation it was just…everything. It HAD everything; the smarts, the fights, the heart, and the hair!

In an homage to RUN LOLA RUN, Sydney Bristow sported that fantastic red-pink hair in the pilot – the connection to the classic 1998 feature film continuing through the series with trademark running scenes and even a few more obvious references.

Rereading the first-season episode “The Prophecy” (final draft, written by Josh Eisendrath February 28, 2002) reminded me just how much I loved the combination of espionage with the supernatural. In this mid-season story arc (ramping up to the Season One finale), Sydney is poked, prodded, tested and interrogated when the CIA discovers a portrait of her, seemingly drawn by Milo Rambaldi – a 15th-Century amalgam of Nostradamus and Da Vinci who served as the tireless generator of much of the show’s mysteries.

Check out a few pages below. The full script can be found in the WGF Library.

ALIAS - Cover page

ALIAS - p2

ALIAS - p37ALIAS  - p58

Thor-Sized Cereal Power Bars

As a small digression from my standard format here, I made these Thor-sized cereal bars in an effort to bribe Thor into becoming an icon for cultural awareness. I just want to see a children’s book or Archie-style comic entitled “Thor Learns About Cereal” or “Thor Learns Proper Earth-Bound Coffee Refill Protocol” – something harkening to the beauty in our differences and hilarity in absurdly ripped men from a heavenly realm discovering the miracle of mortal breakfast foods.

Thor Cereal Bars-2

Cereal is a fiber-packed staple for those surrounding the Norse god’s earthly adventures – at least in the Jane Foster camp. Packed in her trailer and eaten in lieu of other sweets in her more emotional and Thor-missing moments, cereal seems to mean a lot to this scientist and her god. Or at the very least (in cereal-marketing-speak) start their mornings off right, keep them going throughout the day as well as going regularly!

These cereal bars add your breakfast cereal of choice to the originial Rice Krispie treat recipe – following that time-tested, easy-to-make formula. You can cut them into any shape or size you find convenient for packing on-the-go on your way about the realms. And do, in fact, deliver sugary-peanut-buttery energy just when you need it (like during your Marvel movie binge watching fest so as to be properly prepared for everything forthcoming). I just hope Phase Three allows Thor time to continue on his culinary journey.

Thor Cereal Bars-1

Delicious photography and culinary know-how courtesy of Garlic, My Soul.
Very special thanks to the folks of Fanboy Comics for their geek-tastic inspiration and encouragement.
Drop by the WGF Library to read Thor and Thor: The Dark World for yourself!

2 ½ tablespoons butter
½ cup peanut butter
1 package marshmallows
6 cups cereal of your choice! I used Crispix because I’m obsessed with Crispix but Chex (in any fun flavor) would work wonderfully for the completely GF crowd. Be sure to check your labels.

1. Grease a medium pan and set aside.
2. In a large pot, melt butter over low stovetop heat.
3. Stir in peanut butter.
4. Mix until melted and creamy.
5. Pour in marshmallows.
(Life Hack: spray your stirring utensil and later whatever you use to compact the mixture into the pan with cooking spray to help lessen stickage)
6. Turn off heat when marshmallows are almost completely melted (you may still see small marshmallow lumps).
7. Stir until smooth.
8. Slowly fold in cereal and mix until evenly coated.
9. Turn the mixture out into your greased pan and spread evenly.
10. Let cool, then cut into any size or shape you find convenient for your travels about the realms.