Sam and Dean Winchester’s Last Meal On Earth

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[Mild but good-natured spoilers ahead]

Sam and Dean Winchester have a pretty tight schedule. Who of us would be able to juggle starting the apocalypse, dying, being resurrected, clawing hand and foot out of purgatory and generally being the last line of defense between us and our worst nightmares? It would be enough to drive any of us to the drive-thru.

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But while pre-frozen foods in aluminum wrappers work on the fly, what Winchester would snub his favorite foods, homemade? Plus, we owe them. For a time they took care of a thing we’d rather not get into just now.

So here we have it. Hot off the grill. Bacon cheeseburgers for Dean (and Castiel under the right influence) and a Health Quake Salad Shake for Sam.


The meat is organic and the bun gluten free. Just in case. Dean will never notice the difference but maybe we can entice Sam into eating some protein for a change.

Pecan pie is obviously on the menu too but we’re not sure pie itself isn’t akin to a cursed object for Dean so we’ll get back to you once we’ve run a few tests of our own. Doesn’t it seem a little suspicious to you too just how easily and consistently it slips through his fingers?

Either way, I don’t think anyone would argue if our choice of dessert was simply beer. Of which we have plenty.

Hey, Sam and Dean, the next time you’re staring down the barrel of all eternity, be it heaven, hell or purgatory, come see us first. We’ll serve you up a formidable last meal.

(And for those of you who missed this week’s chat with SUPERNATURAL creator Eric Kripke, fear not! We’ll have audio of the event posted soon-ish.)