Library Honor Roll

Thanks to the following, whose generosity made our dream of a new library a reality:


Melville Shavelson, in memory of Jack Rose

The Wilder Foundation, in honor of Billy Wilder, Charles Brackett and I.A.L. Diamond

Barbara and Garry Marshall
Marilyn and John Wells

Ron Shelton, in memory of Preston Sturges
Leslie and Peter Tolan, in memory of Preston Sturges
Alexandra and Sidney Sheldon
John Sacret Young

Rose and David Dortort
Blake Edwards, in memory of Preston Sturges
Maggie and Barry Kemp
Sherwood Schwartz

Rosemary and Peter Casey, in memory of Lynn and David Angell
Creative Artists Agency
Meg and Lawrence Kasdan, in honor of Sylvia Kasdan
Steve Martin
Jim Mulholland, in memory of Preston Sturges
Monica and Philip Rosenthal
Miriam and Tom Schulman
Darren Star
Warner Bros. Studios

J.J. Abrams and Katie McGrath
Arlene and Alan Alda
Mark Andrus
Juanita Bartlett, in honor of Stephen J. Cannell
Don Bellisario, in honor of Stephen J. Cannell
Dayna and Steven Bochco, in honor of Grant Tinker
Steven Bochco, in honor of Stephen J. Cannell
Brannon Braga
Tara and Chris Brancato
The Broder, Webb, Chervin, Silbermann Agency
James L. Brooks, in honor of Grant Tinker
Joan and Allan Burns, in honor of Grant Tinker
Glen Charles, in honor of Grant Tinker
Les Charles, in honor of Grant Tinker
Barbara Corday
Wes Craven
Cameron Crowe
Stan Daniels, in honor of Grant Tinker
David Davis and Lorenzo Music, in honor of Grant Tinker
Norman Felton
Carol Flint
Tom Fontana, in memory of Bruce Paltrow and in honor of Grant Tinker
Jennifer and Scott Frank
John Gay
Gary David Goldberg and Diana Meehan, in memory of Nate Monaster Gary David Goldberg, in honor of Grant Tinker
William Goldman
Dean Hargrove, in memory of Roland Kibbee
Susan Harris
Charlie Hauck
Leonard Hill, in honor of Stephen J. Cannell
Hollywood Foreign Press Association
Chas Floyd Johnson in honor of Stephen J. Cannell
Amy Holden Jones and Michael Chapman
International Creative Management
Georgia Jeffries
Marta Kauffman
Angela and George Kirgo
Norman Lear
Allan Manings, in memory of Whitney Blake Manings and in honor of Waldo Salt
Terry and Andy Marx
Carol Mendelsohn
David Milch, in honor of Grant Tinker
Tom Patchett, in honor of Grant Tinker
Constance and Daniel Petrie, Jr.
The Roblee Foundation
Wendy and Stu Segall, in honor of Stephen J. Cannell
Jay Tarses, in honor of Grant Tinker
Lily Tomlin, in honor of Jane Wagner
William Morris Agency
Ziffren, Brittenham, Branca, Fischer, Gilbert-Lurie, Stiffelman and Cook LLP, in honor of Stephen J. Cannell

Diamond Writers Circle
Endeavor Agency
Reuben Cannon
Ann Donahue, in honor of Adela Rogers St Johns
Michael J. Dubelko, in honor of Stephen J. Cannell
Kim LeMasters, in honor of Stephen J. Cannell
Ann Marcus, in memory of Ellis Marcus
Kerry McCluggage, in honor of Stephen J. Cannell
Daryl G. Nickens and Sally A. Travi, in memory of Helen and Al Levitt
Mike Post, in honor of Stephen J. Cannell
Victoria Riskin and David Rintels
Hilda Rolfe, in memory of Sam Rolfe
Peter Roth, in honor of Stephen J. Cannell
Fran and Ray Stark Foundation
Jo Swerling Jr., in honor of Stephen J. Cannell
United Talent Agency

Silver Writers Circle
Mara Brock Akil
John F. Bowman and Shannon Gaughan
The Colleary Family, in honor of our parents, Bridget and Bob
Thomas S. Cook
Jennifer Crittenden
Patricia Rees Cummings, in memory of Irving Cummings, Jr.
Rene Echevarria
Sylvia Green
Marshall Herskovitz
Winnie Holzman and Paul Dooley
Robert Nelson Jacobs
Alexa Junge
Fay Kanin, in memory of Michael Kanin
Callie Khouri
Alan Kirschenbaum
In honor of Lynn Marie Latham
Andrew W. Marlowe and Terri Edda Miller
Eileen and Robert Mason Pollock
Eric Roth and Debra Greenfield
Robert Schenkkan
Robin Schiff
Nell Scovell
Holly Goldberg Sloan, in memory of Ivan Moffat
Cheri and Bill Steinkellner
Gloria and Leonard Stern
Ed. Weinberger, in honor of Grant Tinker
Matt Williams
Lydia Woodward

Gold Friend
John R. Briley
Chris Carter
Roland Emmerich
Devery Freeman
Fuller French
Sacha Gervasi
George V. Gilligan, Jr., in memory of Vincent T. Gilligan
Paul Haggis
Hansen, Jacobson, Teller, Hoberman, Newman, Warren
Dinah Kirgo, in memory of George Kirgo and Terry Kirgo
Chris Knopf
Elmore Leonard
Brenda Lilly
Mark Luhdorff
Marc and Dale Norman
John J. Sakmar
Alvin Sargent, in memory of Bob Lewin
Linda and Elliot Shoenman
Frank Spotnitz, in memory of Howard Dinsdale
Susan Webb Strean
Patric Verrone and Maiya Williams
James Wong
Janet and Jerry Zucker

Silver Friend
David Bickel
Diane English
Kevin Falls
Mary and John Furia, Jr.
David Greenwalt
Charles Haas
Joyce Keener and Tom Cherones, in memory of George Kirgo
Ian La Frenais
Janet Leahy
Jeff Melvoin
William Osborne
James D. Parriott
Del Reisman
Melissa Rosenberg and Lev L. Spiro
Barbara (Bunny) Stivers
Karyn Usher
Len Wechsler

Marc Abraham
Joni and Miles Benickes
Janet Brownell
Suzette Couture
Janet and Bob Daily
Kris Dobkin
Steven Dontanville
Linda and Paul Figueiredo
Michael Filerman
Terry Louise Fisher
Gabrielle and Rob Greenberg
Renee and Paul Haas
Jack Handey
Larry and Keiko Jacobson
Austin and Irma Kalish
Hal Kanter
Seth Kurland
Ernest and Laurie Lehman, in memory of George Kirgo
Dorothea and Daniel Petrie Sr., in memory of George Kirgo
Jeff Rake and Paulette Light
Daniel McGrath
Robert Rovner
Mike Royce
Aaron and Maureen Ruben
Stanley Rubin, in memory of George Kirgo
Lisa Seidman
Alexandra Seros and Walter Ulloa, in memory of George J. Seros
David Sontag
Craig Storper
Stephene Susco
Kriss Turner
Francis Veber
Valerie Walsh
Gary Werntz
Daniel Wilcox
Rich Wilkes, in honor of London Wilkes
Robert Wuhl
Howard Zieff and Ronda Gomez-Quinones

Laurie Arent
Richard Baer
Robert Blees
Joshua Brand
Michael Butler
Paul Chitlik
Robert Cohen
Lewis Colick
Eugene R. Corr
Anthony Del Broccolo
Larry Di Tillio
Kenneth Droz
Robert Eisele
Marshall Flaum
Scott Glosserman
Bo Goldman
Jack Handey
Michael A. Hoey
Gaye and Bruce Howard
Roy Kammerman
Robert A. Keats
Hillary and Stu Krieger
Gail and Bruce Lansbury
Charles Larson
Stephen Lord
Michael Margules
Michael Markowitz
Richard Matheson
Carla Matthews
Patrick McCarthy
Maureen Daly McGivern
Christopher Meindl
Aaron Mendelsohn
Anne Meredith
David Mickel
Douglas H. Miro
Paul Eric Myers
Noah Nelson
Jerry Rannow
James S. Sadwith
Donald S. Sandford
Ed Scharlach
Bob Schiller
Lisa Schrager
Steven P. Smith
Andrew Solt
Karen and Joshua Stern
Mort Thaw
The Thurber Co.
Samuel Urcis and Marion Zola
Stephnie Weir
Max Wilk

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