Code of Conduct

Library Patron Code of Behavior

All library patrons are entitled to a congenial and quiet atmosphere in the reading room and lounge areas for writing, reading, study and thought.

  1. Cell phone calls must be taken outside the library and locker room, and ringers must be silenced while in library areas.
  2. Conversations beyond the briefest must be conducted outside the library.
  3. Meetings may not be conducted in library during normal open hours.
  4. Music from iPods, etc. may be accessed through headphones only, and must remain below threshhold of any other patrons’ hearing.

The locker area provides secure storage for items not permitted in the library.

  1. Backpacks and bags with laptops must be unpacked in the locker room rather than the reading room table, where noise can be disruptive to working patrons. All larger bags, briefcases, bulky items, umbrellas, shopping bags etc. must be checked in a locker.
  2. Locker keys are the property of the Writers Guild Foundation and may not be taken off-site for any reason.
  3. Lockers may be used only during normal business hours (M-F 11-5, and until 8pm Thursdays) and may not be used after hours, over weekends, or while patron is out of the WGA building.
  4. Lockers must be left in clean condition, with no food, drink, trash, or other waste materials or mess.

Use of the reading room and materials is contingent on observing these restrictions:

  1. No food or drink (including water) is permitted in the library at any time.
  2. We do not provide a photocopier or permit copying by any method.
  3. Valid ID – drivers license, state identity card, passport, student card, WGA card – is required for use of library and materials. Bank cards, bus passes, social security cards, other organizational membership cards, and other forms of ID are not accepted except at the discretion of library staff.
  4. Call slips requesting material must be filled in completely and signed legibly. Please use all format identifiers – Ms, D, P and BB – where applicable.

Violation of these restrictions may result in revocation of library privileges. We aim to provide a quiet yet welcoming atmosphere for writers and to make available a variety of helpful resources. The library is not publicly funded and does not operate as a public institution. Your cooperation with our restrictions and limitations is appreciated.