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Please describe your reference question as specifically as possible in regards to titles, writers and dates. In your request, please include your affiliation, and if you are a WGA member, staff, researcher, student or general user. If you are affiliated with a university and want to bring in students for a library tour, please use this form too.

To see what scripts we have, search our catalog by title or writer. If we don’t have something you want to read, let us know using this form. We have to proactively ask for everything and we are open to suggested titles. Although we have a large collection of digital film and TV scripts, these must be read at the library – we cannot provide access to these online due to copyright restrictions. To find out why, see our blog post here.

If you have questions related to script registrations past and present, the Registration department website is here.

Requests are answered in the order received and may take 24 hours or longer for a response. Staff members cannot undertake extensive research, but are happy to provide information about the library’s holdings, and suggest helpful resources. You can always call us (323)782-4544.

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