About the Library

The Writers Guild Foundation Library is the only library on the planet focused entirely on writing for the screen.

It is open to the public and home to over 35,000 items.

Our mission is to preserve and promote the craft, history, and voices of screen storytelling. To meet that goal, we collect scripts and related materials, and make them available to everyone who comes to visit – not just Writers Guild members.  We provide wireless internet and a quiet place for writers to work.

Most of our collection consists of produced film, television, radio and video game scripts– many of which have received major writing awards (WGA, Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes, etc). We also collect writers’ papers, books, periodicals, and other materials on the history, biography, art, craft and business of writing for entertainment media.

The collection includes:

  • 21,000 produced television scripts
  • 4,500 produced film scripts
  • 900 radio scripts
  • 100 new media and video game scripts
  • 2,900 books on writing, writers, and the entertainment industry
  • 5,600 taped programs, events, seminars, and interviews

The library provides reference help on topics such as:

  • Writers’ credits and biographies
  • History of writers in Hollywood
  • Major industry writing awards
  • WGA history
  • Books and magazines on film and television writing
  • Locating scripts in other collections
  • Research strategies, copyright basics, and matters related to creative and business aspects of writing (See the library’s FAQ)

Areas of collection needs are development outlines for produced film and TV, annotated scripts, current television pilots, children’s program materials, and scripts from diverse voices, including women writers and independent and foreign cinema. If you work in the industry and want to help by donating material, please get in touch using our contact form. Or if you are interested in donating your own archival collection, contact the archive using the the archive’s contact form.

If we don’t have something you want to read, let us know using our contact form. We have to proactively ask for everything and we are open to suggested titles.

Unfortunately, we are not a lending library. Scripts and other materials, including DIGITAL SCRIPTS, may not be emailed, borrowed or copied.  For more info on why, see our blog post here. For finding scripts online, UCLA Library has a great list of resources here.

Search our Library Catalog to get started.

For information on renting the library, visit the library rental page.

If you are an educator, you can arrange for a private visit and tour of our library using our contact form.

If you have questions related to WGA script registration, the Registration department website is here.