Writers on Genre 2012: Action Adventure and Thriller

Date: Jun 28, 2012

Do you love a good set piece? Are you a sucker for a car chase or good old fashioned brawl? We’ve got the panel for you.

The first installment of our WRITERS ON GENRE series brings together five celebrated action/adventure craftsmen, in a panel moderated by F.X. Feeney. They’ll share valuable intel on how to put believable characters into extraordinary situations.

Panelists include:
Doug Richardson (DIE HARD 2, HOSTAGE)
Gary Scott Thompson (THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS)
Erich & John Hoeber (RED, BATTLESHIP)


Other WRITERS ON GENRE 2012 events include:

Horror and Psychological Thriller
Drama and True Stories
Science Fiction and Fantasy
Comedy and Romantic Comedy 


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