From Improvisor to Writer

Date: Jan 17, 2013

UPDATE. We have good news and bad news regarding this event. First, and sadly, Robert Ben Garant and Jay Kogen have had to cancel their appearances. Second, and more thrillingly, we’ve added two HAPPY ENDINGS writers to the panel: Jackie Clarke and Gil Ozeri. And another writer from THE OFFICE: Warren Lieberstein!

LA is awash with improv comedy. From Groundlings to UCB to I/O, there’s plenty of options for a Friday night laugh.

But improv is much more than a handful of quick-witted folks on stage creating hilarious skits on the fly. It’s a way to make your writing better. And there’s no shortage of talented and successful comedy writers who honed their skills by saying “yes, and…”

Join a slew of amazing improv comics who used the skills they developed on stage to forge amazing careers in writing! Also featuring Wendy Goldman and Linda Wallem!

Robin Schiff will moderate the panel.

Live stream by Ustream

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