Drinks with BILLY RAY

Special: For A Limited Time Only

Billy Ray is the screenwriter’s screenwriter. With credits like CAPTAIN PHILLIPS and an early draft of THE HUNGER GAMES under his belt, he’s got the skills. But what’s more, he knows the landscape and is eager to share what he’s learned with emerging writers.

Trust us, guys: We’ve been in a room with Billy while he’s lecturing. To be able to be alone with the dude? And pick his brain? Ask him any question you want and impress him with your wit and knowledge? Come on. The self-esteem points alone are worth twice the price.

Have drinks with the guy. Ask him anything about boosting your writing career, or starting it from the ground up. He’s given enough lectures here that we know: He’s like an encyclopedia of great advice.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, CONTACT SANDY AT 323.782.4691 OR sallyn@wga.org.


Please note that all meetings will depend on the writer, exec or agent’s availability. Don’t worry – if you pay for a meeting, you’ll get one. Plus, you will have up to one year from the date of purchase to make and take that meeting. Your meeting will last for at least half an hour. Aside from setting up the meeting, we can make no guarantees. We don’t guarantee that any agent or manager will take you on as a client, or that any writer or showrunner will hire you.  All we promise is the meeting. Once you’re in the room, it’s up to you.

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