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Rachel Green’s Traditional English Trifle


Don’t worry, Rachel. We’ve all been there.

Who of us hasn’t accidentally put beef in a Traditional English Trifle?


That’s a page from the FRIENDS episode “The One Where Ross Got High,” written by Greg Malins. It’s the episode where… well, read the page.

Some of the greatest discoveries of our civilization have been through happy accident (penicillin, corn flakes, the psychedelic nature of LSD) so it’s for the sake of ingenuity that we here at the Foundation are rooting for Rachel Green’s Traditional English Trifle to take it’s proper place in the culinary world.

If you’ve never tasted this delicacy firsthand we suggest you drop all that you’re currently doing or holding, including all TRADITIONAL Traditional English Trifles and/or small, hand-held dogs, because we’ve recreated and documented Rachel’s faux pas right down the sautéed peas and onions. For your viewing – and eating – pleasure.

Rachel's Trifle 4

Each component of this transcendent recipe is, of course, delicious in its own right. But combined, the dinner/dessert takes on the delectable quality of – in the words of Ross Geller – feet.

Throughout the history of the dish, studies have shown that the majority of the population reacts negatively to the taste while a small percentage of people appear to have the propensity to enjoy this evolved trifle. It’s unclear why this demographic reacts more favorably, but a refined pallet has decidedly been ruled out.

In our own personal study we’ve discovered that Foundation Rosenthal Fellows tend to enjoy the rich and acquired taste of Rachel’s Trifle while Communications Directors and Interns do not. See example A.


One last note and I will leave you to your beef custard creations: we completely acknowledge that our data is incomplete. When you do partake of this gourmet item please share your experiences with us so we can accurately track the historical and cultural significance of Rachel Green’s Traditional English Trifle throughout the culinary world.

Rachel's Triffle