The John Furia Visiting Writers Program 

Designed to create a link between students and the Hollywood writing community, our Visiting Writers Program schedules film and television writers to appear at colleges and universities locally and around the world.

The mission of the program is to give students firsthand insights into the craft, careers, and practices of the working writer in Hollywood. Each one-hour Visiting Writers Program session takes the form of a Q&A interview, with the instructor or class asking relevant questions of the writer.

The Writers Guild Foundation can arrange for a writer to visit your school if it is in the Los Angeles area or to address your class by Skype, telephone or video conference if you are out of state.

The program was established by, and named in honor of, Professor John Furia, Jr.

If you are an instructor or professor and would like to make use of the Visiting Writers Program, email Libbie Anderson to discuss further.

If you are a WGA member and would like to participate in the Visiting Writers Program, email Libbie Anderson to discuss further.

The Visiting Writer Program has greatly enhanced the writing curriculum at Brooks by giving students direct access to working writers. Students gain invaluable knowledge of the craft of screenwriting and personal insight into career building. The level of excitement and inspiration is palpable when one of the visiting writers visits the campus.
— Rich Fortinberry; Professor, Brooks Institute