Visiting Writers Program

The John Furia Visiting Writers Program – Book a WGA Writer to Speak With Your Class

Did you know that you can schedule a working screenwriter or television writer to speak with your class… no matter where in the world you happen to be?

Designed to create a link between students and the Hollywood writing community and to give students firsthand insights into the craft, practices and career management issues of the working writer in Hollywood, our Visiting Writers Program schedules writers to appear at colleges and universities locally and around the world. If you’re a teacher or professor, why not plan to take advantage of this program and book a writer to address your class?

We can arrange for a writer to visit your school if it is in the Los Angeles area; to address your class by Skype or video conference (example above) if your school has these capabilities; to address your class by telephone conference; or, if you are out of state and your budget allows for a travel stipend, we may be able to arrange for an in-person visit.

All visiting writer sessions take the form of Question and Answer interviews, with the teacher/professor or the class asking pertinent questions of the writer. Many teachers will have their class prepare to meet a writer by viewing his or her films; by reading his or her screenplays; and certainly by discussing his or her work in advance of the actual session with the writer.

The program is named for Professor John Furia, Jr.

If you would like to make use of this valuable service, email Libbie Anderson to discuss further details or any special needs you might have.

Meg LeFauve with students at California State University, Fullerton.

The Writers Guild Foundation Visiting Writers Program is a free service. Note, however, that if the visit involves out-of-town travel for the writer, your institution will be expected to cover travel and accommodation expenses. Some schools are also able to offer an honorarium.

“The Visiting Writer Program has greatly enhanced the writing curriculum at Brooks by giving students direct access to working writers. Students gain invaluable knowledge of the craft of screenwriting and personal insight into career building. The level of excitement and inspiration is palpable when one of the visiting writers visits the campus.”
Rich Fortinberry, Professor, Brooks Institute

Note: If you are a WGA member with produced credits and you are interested in participating in this program, please call Libbie Anderson at 323-782-4824.

The Writers Guild Foundation has also recently partnered with the Los Angeles Unified School District through its Creative Industry Coalition. The Foundation pairs WGA members with participating schools to engage in a discussion about storytelling and the craft of writing for the screen. Click here for more information on the partnership. 

You can also schedule an on-site tour of the Writers Guild Foundation Shavelson-Webb Library, to include an introduction to the WGA and WGF as well as a Q&A with a WGA writer. To schedule a library tour for your class or group, please email Javier Barrios.