The Veterans Writing Project


May 3-4, 2014

The application period for the 2014 Veterans Writing Project has closed. Applications for the 2015 program will be available in February.

When is it?
This year’s retreat will take place May 3 and 4, 2014.

How much does it cost?
The workshop is free to qualified veterans and military service members.

What are people saying about the retreat?
“I would climb a mountain just to feel as good about writing as I do today.”

“In the safe environment set up by the mentors, I discussed stories about my life that I’ve NEVER told before and felt safe.”

“While in jump school at Fort Benning, I recall feeling breathless with fear as I leaned out of a C-130. When I started writing, though, the fear was crippling. My mentor’s response was ‘Dude, fear is my middle name.’ Her words were powerful enough for me to feel confident to share my own words.”

Who is eligible?
All military veterans and active duty service members are welcome; typically, we host representatives of all ages from every branch of the armed forces. Other than veteran status, the primary criterion we look for is a sincere passion for writing, although some preference is given to those who have had less access to writing guidance. NOTE: Vets who have attended the workshop in the past are ineligible to attend a second time.

Vets from outside the Los Angeles area may attend, but must provide their own transportation and lodging costs.

Veterans are mentored by professional writers with a variety of backgrounds. Most are television writers or screenwriters, but we also invite journalists, novelists and teachers.

How many vets does it serve?
The Veterans Writing Project is twofold. There is a weekend workshop in May, where 40 to 50 vets attend a series of small, intensive writing classes. About 25 to 30 mentors attend this workshop. But we don’t leave the vets after that. Each month, a small group of Los-Angeles area vets meets at the WGF headquarters, to continue to workshop their writing with industry mentors.

How can I apply?
Applications will be available on this page in Februarly 2015.

How can I help?
The Veterans Writing Project is always in need of financial support, and we’re always on the lookout for passionate and motivated mentors working in the film and television industry. For more information on how you can help contact Kevin Ott at 323.782.4694 or make a donation here.

The sponsors of this year’s Veterans Writing Retreat are:

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