WGF To Display Exclusive Preproduction Materials From MAD MEN, GREY’S ANATOMY, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK At AFF “Scribble To Screen” Exhibit

October 23, 2014

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 23 – The Writers Guild Foundation will display a series of early drafts, handwritten notes, pitch outlines and other preproduction materials at its “Scribble To Screen” event October 25 at the Austin Film Festival, including never-before-seen items from MAD MEN and exclusive materials from THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and GREY’S ANATOMY.

The event spotlights items in the WGF’s library and archive, the only such collections that focus solely on film and television writing.

Items in the exhibit will include:

  • The only extant copy of Lawrence Kasdan’s handwritten first draft of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, complete with margin notes such as “figure out a speech pattern for Yoda;”
  • Early drafts from the sixth season finale of MAD MEN, complete with handwritten notes;
  • Shonda Rhimes’ original pitch for GREY’S ANATOMY, originally titled UNDER THE KNIFE;
  • Show bibles from classics like THE GOLDEN GIRLS and various STAR TREK series;
  • Story conference notes from groundbreaking ALL IN THE FAMILY episodes;
  • A selection of original BREAKING BAD scripts, donated by Vince Gilligan;
  • Behind-the-Scenes drafts and production materials from HOUSE M.D. and CASTLE;
  • Billy Wilder’s own copy of DOUBLE INDEMNITY, donated by his estate;
  • Scripts from modern and classic films and television shows like THE MINDY PROJECT, ALIEN, NETWORK and BROOKLYN NINE-NINE.

Next door to the exhibit, the Foundation will offer an all-day series of interviews with a variety of film and television writers, including MY SO-CALLED LIFE creator Winnie Holzman, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY writer Nicole Perlman and BOB’S BURGERS writers Lizzie and Wendy Molyneux. In addition, former MAD MEN and BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER writer Marti Noxon will discuss her upcoming Gillian Flynn adaptation, and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, ALICE IN WONDERLAND and MALEFICENT writer Linda Woolverton will chart the progression of Disney heroines, using her own scripts as benchmarks. Click here to learn more about the schedule.

“These items, and the writers who created them, are a keystone of the culture that surrounds us,” said WGF Executive Director Katie Buckland. “Our job is to preserve artifacts like these, and an important part of preservation is making them available for as many people as possible to read and experience. We’re proud to be working with the Austin Film Festival to bring our collection before a new audience.”