Presenting the 2013 High School Screenwriting Workshop winners

December 12, 2012 | Program News

We at the Writers Guild Foundation offer our most emphatic, enthusiastic and ebullient congratulations to all the students who have taken part in our High School Screenwriting Workshops. Pictured here are the winners of this year’s competitions. Each winner receives an iPad and a gift card with which to purchase their own copy of Celtx.

In addition, we also send our most exuberant and enduring thanks to Matthew Weiner, for providing the generous donation that made our scholarships and iPad awards possible.

  • Flawless by Elsy Avarado of John Muir High School
  • RIP by Stephen Apaez of John Muir High School
  • Untitled by Maia Joseph of Olympic High School

  • Solely by Jonathan Panameno of Fairfax High School (pictured here with HSW instructors Marie Weiss and Kendell Shaffer)

Jonathan Panameno and HSW teachers Marie Weiss and Kendell Schaffer

Daisy Juarez and her new iPad