MAD MEN Creator Matthew Weiner To Host WGF’s “Scribble To Screen” Reception at AFF

October 20, 2014

LOS ANGELES, OCT. 20 – MAD MEN creator and former SOPRANOS writer Matthew Weiner will host the closing reception of the Writers Guild Foundation’s “Scribble to Screen” event this Saturday, October 25, at the Austin Film Festival.

Weiner, a member of the Foundation’s board of directors, is also the recipient of this year’s  Outstanding Television Writer award at AFF. The Writers Guild Foundation is tasked with promoting and preserving the craft of writing for the screen, and as such operates the world’s only library devoted entirely to film and television writing, and maintains the archive of the Writers Guild of America.

The “Scribble To Screen” series is an all-day event centered in the Driskill Hotel, the heart of the festival that many call the “writers’ festival.” It highlights the process by which an idea or adaptation reaches the final script stage – a process that’s longer and more complex than many media consumers expect. The event will feature an all-day series of interviews with writers, complemented by screen projections of the materials they generated during their writing processes. The event also features an extensive exhibit of materials from the Foundation’s library and archive.

This year’s interviewees include Winnie Holzman (creator, MY SO-CALLED LIFE); Marti Noxon (writer, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, MAD MEN); Lizzie Molyneux and Wendy Molyneux (writers, BOB’S BURGERS); Nicole Perlman (writer, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY); and Linda Woolverton (writer, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, MALEFICENT). Click here to learn more about the schedule.

For his part, Weiner loaned the Foundation the complete set of drafts and notes from “In Care Of,” the sixth season finale of MAD MEN. That collection includes an outline, a concept draft, a preproduction draft and a production draft. The preproduction and production drafts include handwritten notes, offering more insight into the writing process.

Weiner will host the closing reception of the event from 6pm to 7pm. The reception will be hosted by The Naked Grape.

“Matthew isn’t just a great writer and contributor of some of the most conscious and compelling drama on television,” said Katie Buckland, the WGF’s Executive Director. “He’s a stalwart member of our board of directors – and as such, he’s dedicated to helping us tell the world about the vital role of writers in entertainment production. Having him join us at Scribble To Screen is an honor.”