The Writers Guild Foundation raises the bulk of its operating funds through its annual campaign, which consists of mailings to WGA members and industry friends, and some personal solicitation by board members. The mailing is handled through the Foundation office and no direct mail consultants are involved.

Other sources of funding include:

  • Grants (including a grant from the WGA, some of which is paid back to the WGA in rent);
  • Income from Foundation educational events;
  • Income from sales of recordings of Foundation events and occasionally from publications;
  • Interest on the Foundation’s small quasi-endowment;
  • Occasional fees for space rental;
  • The occasional bequest.

The Writers Guild Foundation does not employ a dedicated fundraiser or director of development. From time to time the Foundation employs the occasional services of a part-time non-profit consultancy firm, Benevolent Vision. Fundraising tasks are currently undertaken by the Executive Director with the assistance of Foundation staff as needed. In general, the Foundation’s administrative and fundraising costs are around 10% — 15% of funds raised.

The Foundation does not undertake telemarketing or organized telephone solicitation.

The Foundation has not undertaken, nor does it currently plan to undertake, any joint venture arrangements with for-profit entities.

The Foundation’s Information Card from the City of Los Angeles can be viewed here.

The Foundation’s 501(c)(3) letter from the IRS can be viewed here.

Copies of the Foundation’s most recent form 990s can be viewed at

Copies of the Foundation’s by-laws, annual financial statements, and conflict of interest policy are available on request from the Foundation office.