Donor Roll of Distinction

Roll of Distinction, 2012

Our heartfelt thanks are due to the following individuals, who have distinguished themselves over many years with their constant and generous support of the Writers Guild Foundation’s Annual Appeals:

Rosemary and Peter Casey

Norman Felton and Denise Aubuchon
Barbara and John Gay
Gary David Goldberg and Diana Meehan
William Goldman
Winnie Holzman and Paul Dooley
Maggie and Barry Kemp
Jay Kogen and Brown Mandell
John Logan
Allan Manings
Terry and Andy Marx
The McFadzean Family Fund
Joseph H. and Florence A. Roblee Foundation
Phil Rosenthal and the Rosenthal Family Foundation
Miriam and Tom Schulman
John Sacret Young

Barbara and Peter Benedek

Tara and Chris Brancato
Glenn Gordon Caron
Dan Castellaneta and Deb Lacusta
Dean Hargrove
Nicholas Kazan and Robin Swicord
George Kirgo and Angela Wales Kirgo
Kathy and Steve Kloves
Reese Relfe
Melissa Rosenberg and Lev L. Spiro
Alvin Sargent

Neal Baer

Rene Balcer
Joan and Allan Burns
Barbara Corday
Julie and Kevin Falls
Carol Flint and Stephen E. Jones
Vince Gilligan
Charlie Hauck
Gregory Allen Howard
Meg and Lawrence Kasdan
Lynn and Jim Kouf
Carol Mendelsohn
Jim Mulholland
Janet and David Peoples
Eileen and Robert Pollock
John Ptak
Mickey Segal
Linda and Elliott Shoenman
Grant A. Tinker

Mark Andrus

Richard Chandlee
Lucile and Stu Billett
Elias S. Davis and Gail Block
Susannah Grant
Robert Nelson Jacobs
Amy Holden Jones and Michael Chapman
Chris Keyser and Susan Sprung
Alan Kirschenbaum
Lorraine and Christopher Knopf
Ehren Kruger
Charles Leavitt
Laurene Lehman
Ann Marcus
Andrew W. Marlowe and Terri Edda Miller
John McGreevey
James Parriott
Daniel Pyne and Joan Cashel
David W. Rintels and Victoria Riskin
Frances and Rick Rockwell
Blanche Rubin and Bruce Joel Rubin
Mildred and Sherwood Schwartz
Allan Scott
Alexandra Seros
Holly Goldberg Sloan and Gary Rosen
Beth Uffner
Mark Verheiden
Len Wechsler

Christine and Ronald Bass

Joni and Miles Benickes
Lewis Colick and Elizabeth Lane
Diana and Robert Eisele
Seth O. Freeman
Earl Hamner
Elizabeth Hunter
Keiko and Larry Jacobson
Georgia Jeffries
Austin and Irma Kalish
Ian La Frenais
Peter Lefcourt and Terri Hanauer
Deborah and Ken Levine
Brenda Lilly
Daniel McGrath
Martha and Jeff Melvoin
David Mills
Del Reisman
Andrew Solt
David Sontag
Cheri and Bill Steinkellner
Dana Stevens
Bunny Stivers

Fern Field Brooks

David G.B. Brown
Michael Butler
Charles Champlin
Marilyn and Michael de Guzman
Edward De Blasio
Selette and George Eckstein
Patricia and Bill Finnegan
Dorothy C. Fontana
Mary and John Furia
Wendy Goldman
Sheila and Robert Goodwin
Victoria Greene Hochberg
Michael A. Hoey
Hal Kanter
Guitta Karubian
Bill Kerby
Richard Matheson
Emily and Jerry Mayer
Teri and Jim Milio
David Mirkin
Dale and Marc Norman
Denis O’Neill
Brent Piaskoski
Andrew Reich
Jeanne Rosenberg
Sol Rosenthal
Robert Schenkkan
Carol Schreder
L. Garner Simmons
Steven Phillip Smith
Diane Steiger
Gene Stein
Craig Storper
Neil Tolkin
Saul and Shirley Turteltaub
Daryl F. Warner
Stan Weinstock and Andrea Gollub

Criteria for 2012 list: A minimum of 11 donations within the past 12 years with a cumulative total of $500 or more OR a minimum of 10 donations in the past 12 years with a cumulative total of $1000 or more OR a minimum of 7 donations in the past 10 years with a cumulative total of $7,500 or more.